LUXURY PARIS COSMETIC Company, distributing LUXURY GIRL cosmetic lines, has been officially put into operation since 2015 with the desire to bring women cosmetic products with the best quality and safety and the most competitive price.
After more than 5 years of operation, with the efforts of all company employees and the leadership of talented young businesswoman Tran Oanh, Luxury Girl has achieved a lot of success and gained trust in customer.
The company also received the following remarkable achievements:
- Excellent brand voted by consumers in 2015.
- Factory owning production lines certified with GMP, ISO 9001: 2015.
- Honorary Merit awarded by President Truong Tan Sang to young businesswoman Tran Oanh, General Director of Luxury Girl Company, one of the Top 100 outstanding representatives owning products with high quality and reasonable prices.
- The company's products are now widely distributed in beauty centers, spas, hospitals ... with more than 300 agents nationwide and internationally.
- Prestigious brand is trusted by many famous people.
Especially, Luxury Girl is increasingly trusted and liked by customers.
The company's desire is to produce the best cosmetic products for all women. Customers are assured when using the company's products without having to worry about quality and price.
Rights and benefits of joining Luxury Girl system
  • Ready to provide papers and legal documents related to the company and products such as inspection, quality announcement, barcode and 1 copy (if necessary).
  • Free advice support for business methods for people starting up ONLINE COSMETIC BUSINESS.
  • Wholesale customers, dealers have the right to use original articles, information, photos, videos of products for sales.
  • High discount and many other attractive policies.
  • 24/7 consultancy support on products, customer care, retail formulas, wholesale recruiting formulas, formulas to build and attract dealers ...
  • Free Advice for those who want to open a store of selling cosmetics, spa, showroom ...
  • Accumulated sales to level up during the month.
  • Participating in events, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tours organized by the company.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly bonuses.
Training support
  • Supporting running ads on Google, Facebook,….
  • Coaching 1: 1 for beginners
  • Advice, skills training, providing information about product.
  • Supporting online and offline sales training
Commitment to the product
- All products of the company are manufactured under a modern closed line, environmentally friendly under technology transferred from Europe.
- Using all natural materials originating from Europe. Every product has a beautiful and luxurious design.
- Registered for exclusive trademark protection at the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam, announced for sales of cosmetics at the Ho Chi Minh City. Department of Health, verified to not contain Lead, Mercury, Corticoid by PASTEUR INSTITUTE IN HO CHI MINH CITY and having anti-counterfeiting stamps to ensure genuine goods.
- To help customers feel more secure, Luxury Girl also offers a warranty card with the value of VND 5,000,000 when buying any product.
Luxury Girl Cosmetics would like to express the sincere thanks to customers who have trusted using the product during the past time.
Below is the retail price list of Luxury Girl cosmetics applied in the US.
Below is the retail price list of Luxury Girl cosmetics applied in Laos
Below is the retail price list of Luxury Girl cosmetics applied in Cambodia
Below is the retail price list of Luxury Girl cosmetics applied in Malaysia
Ordering method for dealers, wholesale customers:
Dealers and wholesale customers send orders to email Or send orders via facebook fanpage 
  • For the most convenience for orders and support, customers can inbox and work directly with a wholesale zalo below”:

 HOTLINE FOR DEALERS AND WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: 028 6270 6394. The company will quote your order and send it back as quickly as possible.

  • Customers can go directly to the company's office for advice, goods inspection, and direct payment.
  • For remote customers, after the bank transfer is complete, the company will make a receipt (stamped by the company, photographed, and sent back). The company can send the goods via passenger cars or ship the goods to customers' home via courier.


Address: 242F Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 1, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hotline: 028 6270 6394
0938 889 085